MS Dept of Insurance

MS Dept of Insurance is the agency charged with overseeing insurance regulations, enforcing statutes mandating consumer protections, educating consumers, and fostering the stability of insurance markets in Mississippi. MS Dept of Insurance address is 1001 Woolfolk State Office Building, 501 North West Street, Jackson, MS 39201, the main phone number is 601-359-3569. You are advised to browse through the direct phone numbers for the different MID MS offices and divisions.

MS Dept of Insurance Phone Number

MS Dept of Insurance main phone number (MID MS): 601-359-3569
Toll Free: 800-562-2957 (Consumers Only)
Insurance Commissioner: (601) 359-3569
Deputy Insurance Commissioner: (601) 359-3569
Director of Licensing: (601) 359-2132
Administrative Assistant: (601) 359-2771
Licensing Director, Deputy: (601) 359-9217
Licensing main number: 601-359-3582
Administrative Services Division: 601-359-2543
Consumer Services Division Number: 601-359-1077
Financial and Market Regulation Division: 601-359-2568
Information Technology Division: 601-359-3933
Investigations and Consumer Protection Division: 601-359-2474
Legal Division Contact Number: 601-359-2474
Rating Division Phone Number: 601-359-9558

Company Licensing, Statutory Compliance: (601) 359-3569
Company Licensing Analyst: (601) 359-2713
Market Conduct Section (Mississippi Insurance Department): (601) 359-3569
Director of Financial and Market Regulation: (601) 359-3569

MS Dept of Insurance phone number to get help for Mississippi state insurance matters is 601-359-3569.

MS Dept of Insurance Address

MS Dept of Insurance address where you can send documents, forms, applications, requests, inquiries, and complaints using mail is:

MS Dept of Insurance (Mississippi Insurance Department)
Street: 1001 Woolfolk State Office Building, 501 North West Street
City: Jackson
Mississippi 39201

MS Dept of Insurance Fax Number

MS Dept of Insurance fax number where you can send fax documents, forms, applications, requests, inquiries, and complaints using a facsimile machine is 601-359-1077.

MS Dept of Insurance Website

MS Dept of Insurance website where you can get news, updates, directors’ information, insurance license lookup, and department’s announcements can be accessed by clicking here.

Mississippi Insurance License Lookup

Mississippi Insurance License Lookup is available for you to search for insurance agent license or insurance company license online by clicking here.

MS Dept of Insurance Activities, Services & Regulation

Watch this video to learn all about MS Dept of Insurance activities, public services, regulation, legislation, and more.

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